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Head First HTML5 Programming by Robson Elisabeth and Eric Freeman is a book that not only covers the basics of HTML 5 programming but also outlines concepts such as DOM, events, and JavaScript APIs. It is meant for those HTML users who can make their programming experience even more eventful. This book is designed for development of applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. The book suggests ways of improving the programming experience on the DOM platform. Head First HTML5 Programming helps the readers to understand JavaScript in an easy manner and also how JavaScript APIs can be used in a HTML5 platform and the utility of APIs. The APIs can also be used to track the location of the users. The book also highlights the different possibilities of HTML5, including 2D drawing and designing videos. With HTML5, it is possible to have a storage space of 5MB with every user, thus improving the performance of the web page. Eric Freeman has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale and has served in different tiers of management including CTO in The Walt Disney Company. He has co-authored books such as Head First Design Patterns and Head First HTML With CSS And XHTML. He owns an education company called Wickedly Smart with Elisabeth Robson. Robson, besides being the co owner of Wickedly Smart, also has co-written the above mentioned books.  
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